fear not God can be trusted

raise up an army of artists…

Belonging house is an international online “house” of artists and creative people. Our mission is to teach, train, and equip artists to be radical disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that this moment in history is the moment of story. Creative people are storytellers called to shift and shape culture for the Kingdom of God.

it all started when…

In 2006 a full-time artist quit his job.

He spent the mornings in worship, and the afternoons writing in a local coffee shop. Eventually he received a dramatic call from God to “raise up an army of artists who would build Jesus a throne in the earth.” Belonging House began with this call, and the direction to do ministry a new way, tell the story, and not do traditional fundraising.

That artist, Christ (rhymes with wrist) John Otto, started telling the story through an email to six friends. Seven books and thousands of emails later, Belonging House now touches a global audience of creative men and women called to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

We believe that art and food make us who we are.

These two themes run deep through Scripture and God wants to use culture to fulfill his plan to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth.

three questions…

From conversations in coffee shops around the world, we have discovered the culture is asking three key questions:

  • do I have value?
  • who am I?
  • where do I belong?

And the gospel has excellent answers to these questions:

  • you are made in the image of God
  • you are a son or daughter of God
  • you have a place in the Kingdom

At Belonging House encourages artists:

  • to walk in their true identity
  • live out of a place of belonging
  • drip with the water of the Holy Spirit

Out of this inner life, we believe we can shape and transform culture by presenting the answers to these questions.

Then the Lord showed me artisans from the four corners of the earth. And I asked, what are these artisans coming to do? And the Lord said, these horns are the powerful nations that scattered Judah, so no one could raise his head. But these artisans have come to terrify them and to strike down the forces that rise up against God’s people.

Zechariah 1:21 (paraphrased)