Belonging House encourages artists to walk in their true identity, live out of a place of belonging, and drip with the water of the Holy Spirit.

Join us in our commitment to become an army of artists that builds a throne for Jesus in the earth. 

We Commit

I will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and love other people.

I will surrender myself to the Holy Spirit, and depend on his supernatural help.

I will attend to the Breaking of the Bread and Prayer.

I will stay in relationship with others who are passionate about Jesus.

I will saturate myself in all of the Bible and let it’s story become my story.

I will listen to the Lord, and do what He tells me.

I will pursue excellence in my craft, and continually choose to grow and learn.

I will go low, become a servant, and trust that God will raise me up.

I will become more aware of Christ in me, the hope of glory.

I will embrace my vocation as an artist, artisan or creative professional, no matter my medium, knowing that God wants to transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of our Lord through the arts and creativity.

I will live a life of expectation knowing Christ will come again.